Only the staff members, students and other persons with the special permission of the Principal can use the library. The college library incorporate with various Text books, Journals and Magazines.

Type No. of Books
Text Books 14554
Reference Books 4671
Journals 12
Magazines 28


The College has fully equipped laboratories for +3 Science students. They are
1. Botany Laboratory
2. Chemistry Laboratory
3. Physics Laboratory
4. Zoology Laboratory
5. IT Laboratory

Scholarship & Other Financial Aids:

The following scholarships/financial help/concessions are available to the deserving students. The students are required to watch the notification in the college Notice Board and in Newspaper and make application in prescribed from/proforma with necessary documents in due time.

  1. Free Studentship:
    Free studentships to the extent of 12.5% of the total strength of students on the rolls in the form of exemption from payment of full or half of the tuition fee is allowed in an academic session. This will not be renewed if the student fails to obtain at last 35% of marks in Promotion Test.

  2. S.S.G. Awards:
    To be awarded by the Executive Committee of the S.S.G. to poor and meritorious students. This will not be renewed if the student fails to obtain at least 35% of marks in Promotion Test.

  3. National Scholarship:
    The scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit. A student who has secured at least 70% in the aggregate in H.S.C. Examination is likely to get this Scholarship. The Annual income of the parents should not be more than 25000/- per annum.

  4. National Loan Scholarship:
    To apply for such scholarship the student must have secured 50% in the qualifying examination and his/ her parentsí income should not exceed Rs. 6000/- per annum. Value of scholarship is Rs. 50/- per month.

  5. Senior College Merit Scholarship:
    The students who have secured 50% in aggregate in Annual +2 Sc./Arts/Commerce Examination of the same year are eligible to apply for such Scholarship.

  6. Junior College Merit Scholarship:
    The students who have secured 60% of mark in aggregate in the annual H.S.C, Examination are eligible to apply.

  7. Post-matric Scholarship for SC/ST students:
    Stipends are given to SC/ST students from the T.R.W. Department, Government of Odisha irrespective of marks. Students can apply online through Govt. website

  8. Scholarship for the children of freedom fighters:
    Such scholarship is awarded to the children of Freedom Fighters.

  9. Scholarship for Teachersí children:
    This scholarship is awarded to the children of Primary School Teachers, High School Teachers or Secondary Teachers, whose marks must be at least 60% in the H.S.C Examination.

  10. Scholarship for Orthopedically Handicapped students:
    This scholarship is awarded to the lame, deaf, or orthopedically handicapped students. The candidate must have secured at least 50% marks in the Annual H.S.C or Higher Secondary Examination.

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